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2020 Original Xiaomi Mijia Steamer Portable Iron Mini Generator Travel Household Electric Garment Cleaner Steam Iron For Clothes




Mijia Handheld Ironing Machine
Quick wrinkle removal
Ironing does not hurt clothes I eliminates bacteria and mites I is light and portable

Supercharged continuous large steam
Dry and wrinkle-free clothes

Using professional micro-supercharging technology, one-key release of 20kPa of 120 ° C large steam *, continuous spraying effectively covers the surface of the clothes, penetrates deeply into each fiber, dry ironing not wet clothes.

Hot in 30 seconds, no need to wait
Ironing efficiency

1200W high power, rapid preheating reduces waiting, while ironing quickly, avoiding damage to clothing caused by high temperature, reshaping neat lines in 30 seconds.

130 ° C aluminum die-casting panel
Instant setting, no damage to clothes

Using 130 ° C aluminum die-casting panel, the high temperature steam is re-vaporized and the temperature is firmly locked, dry ironing without dripping, instant shaping. Ceramic glaze coating, which fits perfectly with the clothes and irons the clothes smoothly.

High temperature sterilization and mite removal rate reaches 99.9%
Defend the cleanliness of the whole family

Under the multiple effects of pressurized steam and high temperature panel, it can ensure that the high temperature softens the clothing fibers from the outside, while effectively removing bacteria and mites, and ensuring the cleanliness and health of the clothes.

Add water at once
Properly iron the whole family’s clothes

160mL removable large water tank *, the amount of water is clear at a glance, 6 shirts can be ironed by adding water at a time. The water absorption structure is optimized to solve the problem of steam shortage during flat ironing, leaving no residual water and no leakage.

5 ° Tilt body
Make ironing a breeze

Feel comfortable and easy to hold. The water tank is placed at the rear to ensure hand balance, avoid being top-heavy, and holding the iron for a long time will not be too tiring.

Flat iron hanging iron
Easy to handle four seasons clothing

It integrates professional electric iron + floor-hanging ironing machine, saving space and easy to operate. Wet ironing when hanging, dry ironing when lying flat, a variety of fabrics, four seasons clothing can be easily handled.

Desktop vertical design
Take anywhere

The vertical design of the desktop is exquisite and compact. It is light and portable no matter it is for home or travel. Anti-scald base, more intimate with ironing.

6 safety protection
Enhance the ironing experience

Thermal fuse
Fuse protection

Insulation shell
Surface temperature protection

Thermostat protection

High temperature resistance
Rubber power cord

One Button Steam
3 seconds start and stop *

Hydropower separation

More intimate details
Comprehensive protection of clothing ironing

Insulation silicone

High temperature resistance
Safer operation

Indicator light
Flashing, heating up
Always on, can be used normally

Cleaning brush for woolen clothing
Effectively remove dust and fluff on clothing

Handheld steam brush
Let you become a walking hanger anytime, anywhere
Secondary heating panel | Smart steam heating | Lightweight and portable | Iron and wear

“Ironing” for a light life
Let decent and elegant accompany

Facing all the folds and bumps, smoothing them became a happy ability. It is stylish and beautiful, clean and simple. Home, travel, business, small and portable, welcome light life. Even if you are in a hurry to go out, you can’t lose your elegance, travel easily and beautifully.

Hanging ironing, flat ironing in one
Immediately wear and reshape lines

Drip-proof design, hanging ironing, ironing two in one, move as you like, walk in the clothes room. Exquisite flat ironing, clothes wrinkle removal, even stress; hand-held hanging iron,-ironing to the end, reproduce smooth and smooth Multi-dimensional restoration of clothing material sense, make clothing as beautiful as it first appeared.

SteamPlus Smart Steam Heating
Quick heating and light travel

1200W powerful steam, instant steam. Gentle and hot, soft and violent, it takes care of every piece of clothing to the extreme. Using SteamPlus intelligent technology, intelligent steam heating, instant steam does not hurt the clothes. Rigid and soft, it is a harvester for the wrinkling of clothing.

Continuous steam injection without turning
Efficient penetration of clothing fibers

22g / min high temperature and high pressure steam can be continuously sprayed, lasting and stable, and can be ironed for 7-8 minutes at a time. The steam with strong penetration is consistent. The steam is sprayed in a straight line, the steam does not escape, and the spray range is more concentrated. Laminated metal panel temperature 132 ° C, effectively penetrates the clothing effectively.

Say goodbye to cumbersome stalls
Adapt to a variety of fabrics to witness the dim light

A good fabric also has a bad temper. 5 holes of steam, more penetrating power, silk, fiber, cotton, hemp and other fabrics can be easily ironed, layer by layer penetration until the clothing fits smoothly.

Secondary heat and strong steam to smooth folds
Smooth ironing

Our hand-held steam brush, say goodbye to listlessness. With steam nozzle aluminum alloy, ceramic glaze + negative ion powder panel, to achieve unique secondary heating technology. After the steam passes through the duct to the ironing nozzle, after the second heating and pressurization of the hot plate, the steam is atomized again, and the sprayed steam is strongly saturated, soaking through the fibers of the clothes, smoothing the stubborn folds, and achieving the effect of ironing.

Micro-supercharged steam
Surging wrinkle removal power makes beauty more efficient

The built-in micro-pressurized boiler body has high thermal efficiency and fast heat conduction, giving steam to fully rotate the heated space, and quickly forms dry steam by heating and pressurizing. The high-temperature dry steam is delicate and more penetrating, so that ironing is not easy to drip, and it is easy to achieve quick dressing and going out. The ironing range is wide, and the wrinkle removal effect is obvious. In the name of ironing, create a quality of life and meet a new self.

8 ° golden tilt angle
Strong penetration force fits clothes ironing

Breaking the traditional form and changing has become the beginning of expectations. Hair dryer style design, the body is upward, fit the clothes and iron vertically. After years of engineering tests, the steam angle is 8 ° and the golden tilt angle guarantees straight-line steam penetration and penetrates the clothing.

Lightweight and portable to master the ironing experience
Three-dimensional hand-held grip, ergonomic comfortable grip. Equivalent to the weight of a “Pad”, the girl holds no burden and holds the weight with one hand. The small one does not take up space, and can be easily carried in the suitcase.

One-click lazy operation
Press the button away from the hand to quickly control the steam

The round steam button is designed and adjusted many times. The button sound is soft and the button stroke is comfortable. After the button is released, the steam can be stopped quickly within 3 seconds, which is more convenient for storage and use. One-touch operation, even novices can easily control, delicate ironing with one hand.

Triple security line
Take care of your ironing experience

Intelligent temperature control and double fuse safety protection, when the heating element exceeds 140 ℃, the circuit is automatically cut off. If the temperature of the fuser exceeds 240 ℃, it will be automatically and safely protected. At the same time, it has anti-drying function when lack of water, which brings an intimate experience for the whole family to iron the clothes.

Tightness of hydropower separation
Ironing without leaking

The integrated tail of the water tank, 150ml perspective water tank, the water level is clearly visible. The water pipe is placed at the back, silica gel protects the transmission, the water and electricity are separated, and the sealing is tight. Ensure that the ironing is safe without dripping, and that the clothes are not wet.

Show details

Arc panel
Diversion air channel design, uniform heat conduction, smoothing the wrinkles of clothing in a larger area
Indicator light
The indicator is on, warming up, the indicator is off, warming up is complete
Rotary button water tank
150ml water tank, rotating type, easy to disassemble
Brush accessories
Effectively removes deep layers of heavy clothing such as woolen cloth, dust and hair balls on layers of fibers

Suspended power cord
Hanging type does not increase its own weight

packing list

①Hand-held steam brush ②Turn button water tank ③Brush ④Instruction

Additional information

Brand Name


Voltage (V)




Temperature Gear

Single Gear


Steam brush



Power (W)


Water Tank Capacity (l)




Steam Duration (Min)


Supports Anti Dry Burning


Model Number

Deerma Garment Steamer

Water Tank Capacity



190 x 91 x 240mm

Steam Temperature

Around 160 C




Electric Steam Iron


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